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something the hardcore of a cult (chavs, ganstas, moshers emos) do, where they acuse someone of being the opposite of their group (for moshers/emos/goths it is ganstas/chavs and vice versa), on the basis that they don't dress like them
EG1 Chav: you r well emo
man: y cause i'm wearin jeans?
Chav: Jeans? jeans are for emos
man: 32 inch waist you cult-i-phobe!

EG2 EMO: you look well chavy
man: why cause i'm wearin a hoodie?
EMO: yes
man: its L-R-G, it cost 70 quid so go fuck yourself u cult-i-phobe!
#twat #emo #chav #dickhead #cult sensitive
by Tim Moss February 28, 2008
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