A cult is any religious group or any kind of group where people are brainwashed into thinking something stupid.
Christianity, Catholicism, Mormanism, and every other religious group in the world is a cult.
by Lucy OX July 19, 2005
a type of religion that promote the worship of a human leader and thinks death is ok
The girl wanted to join the cult.
by ahhhh May 01, 2004
the Echelon.
by MarsArmyGirl August 03, 2010
Non-Denominational Christians that only talk about God and force their views upon others- will often pressure you to come to church, discussion groups, etc.

Linda: All that Molly ever does is go to church groups.

Sara: That's because its a cult.
by abcdefghiljkliz April 02, 2009
another word for christianity
christianity is a cult
by lykkeli September 22, 2008
An organization that is not associated with the mainstream beliefs at the time. Often stereotyped as brainwashing and taking advantage of their members, but this is untrue in most circumstances.
Christianity used to be considered a cult by the Pagan Roman Empire when Jesus was preaching his monotheistic beliefs.
by Aragohrn November 20, 2006
1) A religion that is centered around the worship of a single man, woman, child, or group there off! Almost all religions today are cults! Just because a 'religion' has a billion members doesn't change the fact that it's a cult!

2)A religion that locks you of from friends and family isolates you and attempts to take advantage of you! Could be financial, sexual, mental etc!
All religions are cults... Some are still worse than others though!
by mkr32208 May 18, 2006

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