If in a cult, don't drink the Kool-aid.
Guy 1:Don't drink the Kool-aid man it was made by a cult
Guy 2:*Drink*
Guy 1:Moron
Guy 2 dies
by RobScheflo May 05, 2008
A big group of religious people.
Ex. Utah is one big cult
by Ave boss February 20, 2014
A nice place where the truth is always told. Cults don't corrupt your brain at all.
Timmy: Mommy, let's go to the cult meeting!
Mom: That'll be fun for the whole family!
by Little Jimmy Noobtron July 20, 2013
underground not of the mainstream
any horror movie is totally cult
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
A pseudo Christian organisation or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader or governing body.
I saw the 'publishers' and 'elders' of two Internationally-known cults going for it 'hammer-and-tongs' out on the roadway grass berm
by deksper December 04, 2014
A religious/non religious group that follows a series of strict beliefs, may include worshiping a specific God/Deity or multiple Gods/Deities, or following strict specific ideals. May involve some form of brainwashing that their knowledge is correct and that everyone else is wrong, WILL have a hierarchy, and may be lead by one of a small group of Charismatic leaders, and typically will shun those who are ex-members.
It's the One True Religion! (I hear this from the Big Three Religions)

If you don't believe in God you are going to hell!

I've just been initiated into this super secret Order/Coven.

Yeah we are a cult, but we believe in peace and love, not fear and hate.

Not all of the above will apply to a cult, but at least one of the descriptions will. A Cult isn't necessarily Good or Evil, it depends on how the cult leaders use the power they have.
by SparkofClearity March 03, 2014
Cult refers to a very specific organization that is groups together general peoples by a great force. Usually occurs in high school and may strike some perverted middle schoolers.
Some type of tradition must be set that creates a very conspiracy-like setting.
We had a powow at Nancy's house yesterday, I think we may be a Cult.
by CheezyPumpkinPie April 13, 2009

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