cuckoo bananas is an expression usually said when something goes wrong or you make a certain mistake. Or simply just say the word because its fun saying it :P
"omg thats SO cuckoo bananas!"
or simply
"Holy crap im gonna go cuckoo bananas!"
#crazy #stupid #insane #crap #mistake
by tHAT_d0rK101 November 06, 2007
Top Definition
its a catch phrase manny santos from degrassi TNG uses alot
it means crazy in a cool, girlish, fun way
hello cuckoo bananas, im gonna go cuckoo bananas
#crazy #psycho #manny #degrassi #out of your mind
by DR. JT YORKE January 07, 2010
a saying used to call somebody an extreme version of crazy
She ran a mile on a whim. Her friends said "She is Cuckoo Bananas."
#cucoo #coocoo #crazy #strange #out there
by Knuttelman May 01, 2009
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