Is the term for a man who has an excessive number of sexual partners. Often used in a derogative manner or as an insult. Similar to the word manwhore. Used by women protesting against the "stud/slut" double standard.
Girlfriend 1: "Wow he gets around."
Girlfriend 2: "Yeah, he's pretty dirty, sleeps with anyone."
Girlfriend 3: "What a cuck."
by shikira12345673 July 09, 2012
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short verb form for cuckold, to make your spouse a cuckold.
I want to get 3 black men with fat dongs. I need to cuck my husband after he porked the babysitter.
by feaner January 18, 2007
A nerdy, effeminate white guy who gets off by watching Black guys screw his wife and satisfy her wife in ways he can't.
The nerdy post-doc that lives in my neighborhood is a total cuck--it is no accident that he rents a house three blocks away from a black neighborhood.
by Mplad July 10, 2008
Slang word for stool; Yiddish origin .
"After eating a brisket sandwich i immediately had to cuck."

"I told the doctor I had some blood in my cuck."
by Teemo July 10, 2006
used in the context of 'marriage' mostly; more specifically; as a submissive husband to a dominant wife or spouse, girlfriend, etc.

- from cuckold -

n. 1. a 'cuckold' or 'cuckee'

2. a 'cuck' is a metaphysical shit on the head of a husband, boyfriend, etc; a thread of shame and indignation, a 'cuck' is made specifically with the aim of absolute submission from the 'cuckee'
"who gives a rats cuck?"

"that was some CUCK we just saw then"

by cuckman September 03, 2008
used in the context of 'marriage' mostly; more specifically; as a submissive husband to a dominant wife or spouse, girlfriend, etc.

v. cuck - to severely dominate/destroy a husband or boyfriend.

n. a 'cuck' is a wave of domination energy - vocal, physical or not - made by females, wives, girlfriends; 'cucks' can have a cumulative effect; which can put the 'husband' into a permanent state of trance and absolute obedience at the extreme; or a 'cuck' can have little effect; become a minor itch on the forehead; depending on accuracy and strength of 'cuck' and defence against 'cucks' the 'cuckee' or reciever has.

n.2 - balls, testicles, power
"she's good at her CUCKS"

"boris... you want a CUCK in the head, or will you buy me dinner"

"she's got his CUCKS in a sling"

"your CUCKS failed BITCH"

"do you want your CUCKS fried, steamed, roasted, stewed, grilled, baked or boiled?"
by cuckman September 03, 2008
Slang for Canadian dollars.
It's going to cost about 20 cucks, eh?
by themactep August 19, 2010
Cuck is defined as the word between fuck and cunt. Many people may use the word in different situations and the word may be changed to cuckface, cuckhead, cucking and many others
U are a fucking cuckhead.
Holy mother cucking Jesus.
by MooingRabbit June 16, 2010

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