used in the context of 'marriage' mostly; more specifically; as a submissive husband to a dominant wife or spouse, girlfriend, etc.

- from cuckold -

n. 1. a 'cuckold' or 'cuckee'

2. a 'cuck' is a metaphysical shit on the head of a husband, boyfriend, etc; a thread of shame and indignation, a 'cuck' is made specifically with the aim of absolute submission from the 'cuckee'
"who gives a rats cuck?"

"that was some CUCK we just saw then"

by cuckman September 03, 2008
American. This term was coined by disgruntled Canadians who wanted something insulting to call Americans. "Yank" wasn't strong enough, so "cuck" was it.
"There were an awful lot of cucks at the Edmonton Folk Festival this year, but it was still a good atmosphere."
by missestheoldgame November 24, 2009
Is the term for a man who has an excessive number of sexual partners. Often used in a derogative manner or as an insult. Similar to the word manwhore. Used by women protesting against the "stud/slut" double standard.
Girlfriend 1: "Wow he gets around."
Girlfriend 2: "Yeah, he's pretty dirty, sleeps with anyone."
Girlfriend 3: "What a cuck."
by shikira12345673 July 09, 2012
1. crap or shit or stuff
2. can be substituted into any phrase as a noun
1. B.E.P.(8) My cucks, my cucks, my cucks..

2. Hayley: Give me that cuck.
Karly: No, I'm savin' this cuck for later.

3. I have to take a cuck.
by HayleyNKarly March 10, 2006
a guy's dick (the male genitals)
Go suck cuck, you beeyotch!
by Jenny March 11, 2005
Someone with Red Hair
Mark-Dude i wanna fuck that bitch
Jiznos-Fuck that shes a cuck
by J2 February 05, 2005
n. a man's penis

Typically used in public places where typical swearing is not allowed, in in cucksucker.

See penis, cock
Go away you, farking cucksucker
by Punboy December 28, 2003
a penis and vagina combined
a cock and a cunt =cuck
by chiddybang2128 November 16, 2010

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