Girl with a HUGE butt.
Guy: Where you from?
Girl: Soy Cubana!
Guy: I thought you were cuz you got a whole lot of butt!!
by MariCrystal June 11, 2007
Top Definition
A female Cuban.
Usually dark hair and eyes. Some may have natural dark blonde hair.
"Soy una chica cubana"
eg. Celia Cruz, Gloria Estefan, Daisy Fuentes
by Amanda March 13, 2004
a potent blend of marijuana from Cuba, and commonly laced with PCP (called hydro, or wet)
feelin so high, wit hydro in the cubana
by Jay April 25, 2004
Masturbation produced by rubbing the penis with the breasts of a woman
" Esa lumi hace unas cubanas de puta madre" "That whore makes wonderful cubanas"

"Ayer mi novia me hizo una cubana y lo pasamos bomba" "Yesterday my girlfriend made me a cubana and we had a wonderful time"
by fonsucu June 09, 2008
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