"see you"
omg eye cu later kthxbye
by Yoan February 01, 2003
Combat Upgrade - Sony community's name for the changes made to the entire character development process of Star Wars: Galaxies an online MMORPG video game. This "Combat Upgrade" (nicknamed CU) led to a number of players demanding their money back for the expansion that included these changes. After a week or two of protests Sony offered refunds to anyone who asked for it. Many player towns became ghost towns due to the reaction of long term players who decided to depart en masse.

The Star Wars: Galaxies game is often referred to as "pre-CU" or "post-CU".
I was a huge fan of Star Wars: Galaxies, pre-CU. After those changes, my entire guild quit, and I moved on to World of Warcraft.
by gamergurl May 17, 2010
number one party school in the nation, entrenched in athletic sex scandals
the university of colorado at boulder is called CU.
by adan hecht May 29, 2004
Chemisty abbreviation for copper. Comes from the Latin name.
by Arm January 01, 2009
The Scientific Notation for the element Copper
A easy way to remember this is Cu Copper = See You Copper
by Cowabunga November 11, 2005
This phrase, pronounced however you like but usually as cooh, is short for see you (c u). You could even add later to that phrase and use the word as cul, again pronounced however you like.
Guy #1: See yah later dude.
Guy #2: Cu. (or cul)
by Xinthose April 08, 2009
goodbye, see you (later)
Thanks for the advice. CU
by Light Joker October 31, 2006

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