coordinated shark attack. to be attacked by 2 or more sharks working in harmony.
Did you hear about John? They say he was walking down the street when he was hit by a pretty nasty CSA. Two hammerheads and a mako I think. Luckily he was carrying his spear gun with him that day.
by puertalian February 16, 2008
community-supported agriculture! get sweaty and eat your beet greens!
CSA projects help local farms, provide delicious food, and are beautiful.
by aflijsng March 09, 2008
curiously strong altoids
thinkgeek.com sells these really cool csa tins that they turned into mini guitar amps!
by loonerspacecraft July 10, 2008
"Customer Service Assistant"
Job title within an organisation, such as a retailer eg. supermarket CSA
by uk14108484595 January 22, 2007
Acronym for Chinese Student Association.

n. A club at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School. It accepts not only Chinese but people of all races.
CSA meets every week.
by CSItard October 24, 2004

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