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Underground MC from the group Outerspace and part of Army Of The Pharaohs. he's absolutely untouchable and a real ass muthafucka! Too important to explain on here... Just look him up and be in awe!!!!!
Crypt The Warchild,"Don’t hit me with the drama, don’t approach me ’bout no B.I
Cause I’m a Pharaoh king, and y’all ain’t worthy of a reply
Bodies I’ve caught decomposing on the seaside
Catch me river dancing through the bloody waters, knee-high
Mind state is cut throat, can’t walk around deprived
My team shut it down, and they access will be denied
Crown royal status Puerto-Ricans, that’s how we ride
Nocturnal foes mesmerized by the streetlights
One shot at glory, game will never give you three tries
For the haters I’ve murked, they would love to see me die
Acid tripping vision, everything look hi-defy
Drugs, money, liquor, only things that get me by!"
by UrbanGorilla303 February 08, 2015
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