Someone who whines and cries.
Leonardo.E.Mitre is a member of AVALON, and he is a Cry Baby.
by AMEX forever June 30, 2012
A type of wah-wah pedals made by Dunlop used by Jimi Hendrix.
Man, no one can use a cry baby like Hendrix could!
by Digga-Dan January 19, 2007
a person who crys over silly stuff like bill
bill is a crybaby cuz he crys to much.
by necallsop November 28, 2005
A person who complains and goes on rants because they believe they are not giving creative control in a function they would like to perform in.
Kanye West is such a cry baby
by Rvdicalkid January 05, 2014
The sexual phenomenon that occurs when someone giving you a blow job begins to sob, often uncontrollably.

Rather than stop, the giver becomes more enthusiastic, sobbing and blowing simultaneously. You are confused, and feel you should say something, but don't. Surprisingly, it becomes a huge turn on.

This act is also known in different regions of the world as The Pacifier, Sob Knob, Cock Therapy, or Moutharsis.
My girl gave me a Cry Baby while listening to Simon and Garfunkel. That's when I knew this could last.
by MBisRad December 22, 2008
nothin but pure rap goodness on nothin but the best rap album out there baby called Word of Mouf by Luda.
while you'll be sittin at home pickin ya boogers and flickin em
by Cris May 20, 2004
of or pertaining to someone who cries excessively and is emotional. also, sensitive like a clitoris (emotionally)...especially over Asian Women.
=*( Lorenzo Daryl Leonard of Tinley Park is a crybaby. T_T
by CBN September 10, 2005

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