Using someone or something and never getting over it just as an excuse to be continuously unhappy
She's his crutch, he always uses her as an excuse to be unhappy.
by illustriousluxe December 28, 2010
1. to hide an item, usually a "load" of drugs in your crotch, either in your underwear or by "plugging" inside the vagina or anus.
2. to shoplift by place items up your skirt.
1. quick its the old bill, crutch the load.
2. I just crutched a rotisserie chicken, it burnt my thighs.
by amhayx September 09, 2010
its like a thing u do that makes u feel good, if feelin shitty, when u do something it feels like ya dont got no troubles, the something u do to make u feel like that is your CRUTCH
"playin pool is my crutch"
"ma friends is ma crutch"
by MystaReeMan October 23, 2003
In pocket billiards (pool), a "crutch" is the stick used to shoot with when you cannot reach the cue ball. It is formally known as a "mechanical bridge".

It's referred to as a crutch to insinuate that you're a lesser player that needs "help" to make a shot (this is a very big misconception, however).

It is sometimes also referred to as a "wussy stick".
The only way he could make the ball was with the damn crutch!
by Giskard July 02, 2004

The walk with the support of crutches

How a cripple gets along
Bob: "Where's Danielle?"
Joe: "She's crutching to the bus."
by Dee Marie May 28, 2007
something that holds you up in time, like a crutch holds you up.
whats your crutch, you were supposed to meet us an hour ago?
by jewlz917 October 28, 2006
Used to describe a well defined vagina and pubic bone of females wearing especially tight fitting clothing around their pelvis; i.e. Lycra (Spandex) shorts, gym kit; jeans, bikini and underwear.

The best examples are when the inner thighs don’t touch below the crutch leaving a nice air gap and allowing for visual examination of the genital area.
Christ, look at the crutch on that
by MATT BLACK painter July 18, 2006

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