A combination of the words 'crud' and 'nuts'.
awww Cruts...
by DcTurner October 26, 2003
Top Definition
When one's pants are pulled up so much that it encompasses his/her entire stomach, giving the illusion that the person's crotch extends all the way up to their nipples, thus creating a sphere-like bulge in their pants. (Most commonly associated with the elderly or obese)
Man, that old lady has a killer crut!
by Ben "Commies" July 08, 2006
A crusty, old slut.
Dude, Adam's mom is such a Crut...I hit that last night!
by babymarshall September 15, 2009
POS, probably a corruption of the word crud.
"That lousy crut of a brakeman. He would get him some day. He would know him again. That was a fine way to act." - Ernest Hemingway "The Battler" (p. 129)
by comacoma March 06, 2005
crut can mean sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
Man that was supper crut
by Dennis/Hans April 22, 2005
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