Adjective used to decribe old people,a gross unidentified substance, anything broken, dirty, crumby, badly made/conceived, falling apart, stupid, wierd, gross, this word can be used very freely as it goes with anything that may have to do with the word crust but it never describes anything good.
1: that old man keeps staring at me
2: eww look how crusty he is


1: i just got this from the dollar store and the lid wont close on it
2: here let me try... damn its not working it sooo crusty
1:that whole dollar store is crusty


1:Mr Tawil thinks he can teach us history by giving us a whole bunch of crosswords, he is such a crust.
2:Yea, he smell like weed, cigarettes and bagels, he is such a crusty old man.

1:ew look at the crust under this desk
2: that's gum , you dumbass
by Naomiiiiii January 16, 2007
Slutty, and skanky. A little bit trashy and not even classy. Gets around and is sort of a hoe.
"Did you hear about Sav? she's soooo crusty!" "Sydney looking crusttyyy"
by kcKCkc February 26, 2015
A word that takes on multiple meanings, but generally means something incredibly bad, gross, etc. Synonymous with tacky, klassy, or trashy. Though it is not as descriptive as words like "slutty" or "ugly," it has strong negative connotations that could really mean anything. Used mostly by black women (including Nicki Minaj and Glozell) to express something they disapprove of. An adjective or a noun.
As an adjective: This crusty little bitch running round.

That bag is so crusty.

Your hair is the crustiest thing I have ever seen, girl.

As a noun: This little crust need to learn a lesson!

by thisgirlisuppose April 16, 2011
a word describing someone that lacks class and is consequently unnatractive.
Jhanet: OMG! I forgot to do my hair today!

Liz: Yea I know your hair looks so crusty.
by AdamKrenz March 29, 2011
a word used to describe someone who is extremely bitchy. usually after not getting pussy at a party or after having a series of bad events that comes their way. a person who does not like the word crusty is usually someone that the word crusty defines to the point of perfection. In order to rid of crust, one must do one of the following. Drink beer. Get a nut. Eat an Uncrustable. Or pack a monstrous lip. No one likes to be crusty, and many try to hide their crustiness by throwing extremely large lips. "The Salty Spitoon" is someone who does not get any pussy at a party and in order to hide their crustiness, they throw a big lip.

Not all crusts mix. Your crust can clash with another's causing you to hate that person and want to fight them.
"You're so fucking crusty right now." "This kid is the Crust-Ness Monster", "Fuck dude...Im so crusty"
"if we ate a whole pizza and left the crust in the box...thats what ud be right now"
"I hate the word crusty---thats because your crusty"
by crustness monster May 17, 2010
When the skin is so ashy and dry, the skin becomes hard and crusty.
1st person: Damn man, adeola oniya's skin is so crusty! It looks like a mountain range!

2nd person: True that.
by NikJ36 April 18, 2010
A word that only the most cultured of people can handle. Like a much more sophisticated version of the juvenile word "Salty," but on steriods. Used to describe a person's mood when they are humiliated to the point of breaking (Like bread). When using this word, one must make a motion of one breaking a piece of bread. Caution: If this word is overused, the overuser will then become crusty *breaking bread motion*
Jackie: Hey Megan, did you see that guy who was wearing those oversized sunglasses and kept saying awesomesauce and salty?
Megan: Yeah! He was sooo totally crusty *breaking bread motion*
Jackie: Oh my God! I know!
by J.Emm July 31, 2009
Just unappealing in basically every way possible.
"Umm yeah, so she was being extremely crusty so I just blew her up with a sea urchin bomb!"
by Jesse1018 August 04, 2008
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