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a person who has a thing for multiple people at one time. not necessarily used in a derogitory way.
so, i sorta have a thing for billy, and johnny, and sam... plus theres that one really hot guy who sits in front of me in math...

awe, you little crush whore!
by xyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz October 31, 2007
Somebody who has quite a few crushes.
Sarah: I like Nick, Channing, Felix, Justin, and Ryan.

Mitchell: Wow, that's kind of a lot.

Sarah: I know. I'm kind of a crushwhore.
by SarahsfriendMitchell December 04, 2010
When a boy or girl get excessively obsessed over every attractive person that passes by and has a crush on all of them.
"You know that new kid?" "Yeah, the huge crush whore right"
by elephantitis April 15, 2014
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