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(n.) an individual constantly attracted to multiple individuals at the same time. The word crush describes the individual's temporary attraction, while the word slut emphasizes the inconsistancy and indecency of the individual's attraction; not necessarily sexual in nature.
Holly has liked 4 different people in the past 2 weeks, and currently has a crush on 3 people. She is such a crush slut.
by Rita August 09, 2004
A person that has a crush on someone, assumes it is true love, and must automatically date their crush. The relationships between a crush slut and a normal person are relatively short, and even shorter if there are two crush sluts. After breaking up, the crush slut will find someone new within the first week. The cycle never ends until they die, apparently.
My friend's Brando and Amelia are quite the crush sluts; they've had more significant others than I've had chocolate! AND I'M FRIGGIN' HUGE!
by Pretty Emily February 06, 2005
1) A person that has a new crush every week
2) A person that has multiple crushes at the same time
3) a combination of 1 and 2
you have a new crush like, every week!

well ya but i have multiples
i mean c'mon ive been crushing on travis for almost a year

omg you're such a crush slut
by paco3 November 21, 2010
Crushslut is a label placed on people who attempt to date, but can only dream. They have crushes on many people, but sadly, can get none. Gernally, the number of crushes is 3, meaning if the person has more than 3 crushes and is shot down all three times, they are indeed, a crush....slut.
Kid: "Patsy likes me"
Friend: "Where are you going?"
Kid: "To vommit violently until I faint."
Friend: "Patsy likes me too"
Friend2: "Patsy likes me now"
Friend3: "Patsy likes me now too"
Friend4: "Patsy likes me also"
Kid: "You poor dumb bastards"
by Aqualad June 06, 2004
n. An individual who finds themself lusting over various members of the opposite sex often, but rarely pushes for involvement.
Grace, you are a total crushslut.
by andey January 04, 2006
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