a freakin awesome band who tends to right music for sonic games and they have awesome songs. whoever listens to them is the bomb!
Person 1: Have you heard Live and Learn by crush 40?

Person 2: Yeah and it is awesome. Anyone who doesnt listen to it is gay. Are you gay?
by Michael Johnson the fifth February 21, 2009
Top Definition
the most epic, blessed, sexy, ridiculously and insanely best band ever created since the beginning of time. their songs will increase your penis size, cure you of cancer, be hailed until the end of time, make you stop listening to other music besides Crush 40, and basically turn your whole life around. most of their songs talk about adventure and living life to the fullest, such as "watch me fly" or "live and learn". if there's anything better than sex its definitely Crush 40.
holy shit, i just listened to one of Crush 40's songs, and my life is now complete. oh... and i also think my penis just increased size...
by C. 40 January 05, 2010
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