Somebody who is Drunk and High at the same time
Person 1 - That guy over there he has drunk loads of Alcohol and smoked loads of Weed

Person 2 - Yeah he is Crunked
by will181 September 06, 2009
Top Definition
to get high and drunk at the same time
last night i drank a 40 oz of O.E. and smoked a blunt to my head
by E unit John April 01, 2003
A state in which someone's conscousness is altered by both drinking alcohol and being stoned off their ass.
Emily: Are you stoned yet?
Trevor: I'd thay tho mythelf, and drunk, too.. is there a word for that?
Emily: Yeah, you're "Crunked"
Trevor: Tomorrow when I'm still wasted at my dad's work, I'm going to post a useless definition on along with our conversation.

And then I lost my virginity. Not a happy story.
by restin256 February 27, 2005
Being stoned and drunk at the same time. (Drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana)
You are at a party smoking joints and drinking beer/mixed drinks.
by rdd September 27, 2004
in australia, the art of getting crunked involves exactly 6 cones of bud, a 6-pack of beers funneled whilst upside down and one shot of absinth
trent got crunked before heading to town, however was unable to complete his mission, instead spent the nite eating at 7-11
by omg i am wtf uber September 30, 2006
A word complete and utter retards use to describe getting smashed.
Yeah, I was so crunked- Oh wait, here comes the short bus, I got to get on.
by Scondren November 10, 2004
Root words: Crazy and Drunk.
verb - To have fun and get wild, usually in a club or place where there is dancing and alchohol is served.

see also crunk.
verb. Wow did you see that girl on top of the bar shaking her booty? She is so crunked up.
by Jimbo March 04, 2005
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