1. being in temporary state beyond intoxication in which the only relevant goals in life are one's friends.

2. being overstimulated by a combination of alcohol, cigarettes, adderall, and upbeat popular music.
1. I heard you got hella crunknasty with the bros last weekend.

2. Dude, he was so crunknasty after that line; I've never seen anyone dance to GaGa with a cigarette in one hand and a cup in the other.
by Patrykowski21 March 13, 2010
Top Definition
(krunk nastee) adj.

Used to describe an object or person that is so nasty that when one has gotten crunk, the object, or person, is still nasty.
"Them fatties we saw down at the Piggly-Wiggly was crunk nasty!"
by Shmimdizzle November 28, 2005
When one is drunk and out of control to the extent of being nasty... this may occur after a round of edward forty-hands or other means of getting wasted.
Gia did you have fun last night? yes i got crunk-nasty.
by Andrew- August 21, 2006
1. An adjective to describe a state of uncontrollable euphoria reached from getting crunk. Usually one being crunknasty occurs at the pinnacle of one's drinking.

2. A noun for referencing a Crunkmaster.
Phil: "Hey brah, you coming to the bump'n party tonight?"

Matt: "Yeah, word. I plan on getting real crunknasty."
by Cecil Banks April 26, 2009
A term used when describing something, especially someone, who is nasty not only when you are sober, but also when you are crunk.
Yo, yo..that chick with the moustache...yeah, she crunk nasty!
by Pierre Greenjeans November 16, 2005
to get really crazy crunk and nasty will yourself or others
Hey lets get crunk nasty this weekend!
by Jandra August 02, 2006
To get very drunk and high
I got crunk nasty last night, so thats why I fucked than fat bitch down the hall.
by R.W. April 02, 2005
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