a drink that is redbull and vodka that makes you go crazy and drunk. Crunk like Lil Jon says. Lil Jon and The Eastside Boys originated this drink.
Crunk Juice makes you get crunk in da club
by LilJOnWhattt July 30, 2005
its a bevarage u drink to get crunk,
like alchhol!!
"pass me my crunk juice....imma bout to get CRUNK!!!!"
by CK March 19, 2005
First and foremost Crunk Juice has no connection with Red Bull in anyway or form. It is a juice created with a combination of idiosyncratic ingredients, introduced and used to enhance and create the delicious taste of a beverage which can make the "panties drop" and the Crunkest of Crunk, Crunk. King of Crunk, Lil Jon, has made the cocktail popular often mixing {Crunk!!! Energy Drink} with other various forms of alcoholic thirst quenchers, creating an overall appeal for people to get up, get rowdy, and get ready to have the time of their lives. *Note please drink responsibly*
"You don't know bull about Crunk Juice until you've had it with the original mix: Crunk!!! Energy Drink and Grey Goose!"
by GetCrunk May 24, 2007
shit to get you crunk and excited...namely alcohol
lemme get some of this crunk juice up in me and this shit bout to be liva than a muthafucka
by alk February 28, 2005
The name of one of the fish owned by Ying Yang Twins
MTV Cribs
what they names?
there's crunk juice
f*** you
and money green
by Riksta February 25, 2005
crunk juice; n. A refreshment much like Red Bull created by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, consisting of soda pop, horny goat weed, and lots of sugar. Generally drank by people who want to get hyper & crunk, desiring the feeling of being crazy & drunk.
Yo man, Ima drink dis crunk juice 'for I go to da party, is go'n be so crunk!

Dat crunk juice make you feel so horny!
by janey April 10, 2005
a Drink that is just like red bull that gives you energy to party
lets get some crunk juice so we can party
by John March 30, 2005
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