First and foremost Crunk Juice has no connection with Red Bull in anyway or form. It is a juice created with a combination of idiosyncratic ingredients, introduced and used to enhance and create the delicious taste of a beverage which can make the "panties drop" and the Crunkest of Crunk, Crunk. King of Crunk, Lil Jon, has made the cocktail popular often mixing {Crunk!!! Energy Drink} with other various forms of alcoholic thirst quenchers, creating an overall appeal for people to get up, get rowdy, and get ready to have the time of their lives. *Note please drink responsibly*
"You don't know bull about Crunk Juice until you've had it with the original mix: Crunk!!! Energy Drink and Grey Goose!"
by GetCrunk May 24, 2007
1. A drink drank by the crunkiest artists in America. Mainly the Dirty Dirty. Rappers such as:

David banner = Mississippi
Lil Flip = Texas
Lil Jon and Da East Side Boyz , Pastor Troy and Da Ying Yang Twins = ATL

2. A drink which cant be bought in Auz due to bull shit laws. Fukin John Howard and his Bull Shit Laws.
From MTV Cribs wit da Ying Yang Twins.
D-Roc or Ying: Drink Crunk juice if you wanna be like lil Jon and Say "Yea" "What"

From MTV Cribs wit da Ying Yang Twins.
Kain or Yang. Crunk Juice. It almost tastes like kool-aid.
by Scrilla aka Scrillz March 13, 2005

\Crunk\ (kru^ngk), Crunkle \Crun"kle\ (kru^ng"k'l), v. i. Cf. Icel. kr?nka to croak. To cry like a crane. Obs. ``The crane crunketh.''

v. intr.
Slang. To drink alcoholic beverages excessively.

basically... a "supposedly" alchoholic beverage... well , i'll let you decide
`lil-jon`... thanks to you we now can't stop saying your famous one-phrasers such as what? ok yeah and get crunk with my crunk juice thanks alot you asshole
by drift.king September 13, 2008
Pure soda syrup without carbonated water. This contains ungodly amounts of sugar and caffeine and can be hazardous to one's health when guzzled. To get Crunk Juice, simply walk up to a self-serve soda fountain, slide the card with the soda's logo on it upwards, and press the exposed button halfway down. This works best with Vault or Mountain Dew, b/c of the high sugar and caffeine. This gives you a great boost for about 3-4 hours but after that, you crash.
I needed a pick-me-up at work the other day, so I poured myself some Crunk Juice. After that I was running around like a squirrel on speed.
by Dragomir Andreyevich July 29, 2007
IBC cream soda.
Because it comes in glass bottles and resembles beer.
Shit, lets head out to wal-mart and get some crunk juice.
by John Blondin June 21, 2005
kool aid with a lot of sugar
lil jon drinks a lot of crunk juice
by bobert March 21, 2005
It is a drink that enhances the brain waves to make you wanna fuck somebody up.

This drink is normally found in the Dirty South.

Say ol' Bitch Ass Pussy Ass Dick in da Booty Ass Nigga pass da Motherfuckin' Crunk Juice before you get yo ass whoop'd, Bitch!!

Get you a white polystyrene foam cup and po' it up.

Get crunked.
by dixion December 31, 2005

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