(n.) The state of being simultaneously drunk and high.
Lora: Oh my god, I can't believe I lost my virginity to that douche last night.

Friend: Were you drunk?

Lora: Nope, I was CRUNK!
by YankeeFanatic222 July 26, 2011
The perfect level of being drunk. The point before you become sick and/or annoyingly drunk
Lets get crunk tonight
by lala99 June 23, 2010
1) being drunk and high (usually on marijuana)

2)an expression used to hype up the party
1) Dave:Man, I was so crunk last night

2) Terrel: Yo, let's get it crunk up in here!
by Derkchy May 03, 2009
crash + junk = crunk. n. garbage left over after some sort of accident (car, airplane, train, etc. ). The object must be entirely detached from its parent object to be considered crunk. However, if the entire parent object is trashed, the whole thing may be considered crunk.
As sirens disappeared into the distance and a heavy string of cars moved slowly past, one of the officers walked about the crash site kicking crunk off the road.

Her step dad gathers crunk and turns it into lawn art.

The entire plane was crunk, but somehow he walked away alive.

by S. Winter Fifield November 02, 2008
The act of being intoxicated by alcohol, known as being "drunk," and the act of being stoned, from smoking chronic, (marijuana). This sums up the term, 'crunk', being drunk and high off chronic.
"Dude, that micky and that dank bud got me totally crunk last night!"
by Mimimouse August 26, 2008
A combo of "Crap" and "Junk", Crunk denotes something that is bad, no good, and shabby.
"Those Uggs look like Crunk" or "She Wants Revenge is so crunk".
by Redd Foxx January 16, 2008
Adjective: A Southern U.S. Hip-Hop term for describing the level of excitement at an event or an excitable attitude.
Verb: Provoke excitement.
Noun: Southern U.S. Hip-Hop music using electronic drum sounds and synthesized brass instruments. Made most popular by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys.
"That party was crunk! People were shooting and two cats who were trying to get crunk got shot. They were playing crunk like Young Joc and Dem Franchise Boys. That's what I think really crunked-up the party.
by CoknI O'Dire July 18, 2006
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