Getting highly intoxicated and smoking chronic.
C=chronic runk=drunk
"Hey did you go to that party last night?"
"Yeah man everyone was getting crunk"
by The best! ever. August 23, 2008
To be high from smoking marijuana, while being drunk at the same time.
I'm crunk as I'm bloody writing this stuff xD
by SkateFiend July 29, 2008
Crunk as in past tense of crank. It is used to decribe the energy or liveliness of a party or event.
The DJ had the club crunk last night.
by fucdafame August 07, 2007
To be crunk is to be stoned on cronic and drunk. Cronic + Drunk = Crunk. Everyone else who says it's crazy drunk, ect., is wrong.
I had a hard day at work, lets get crunk.
by Johnny John John Johnson May 15, 2007
An action to describe supperior hand strength, pinching strength, or holding strength. Mostly displayed by that of a Broly on either a phone book, unopened beer can or the COC #5. Broly's known to crunk can be heard screaming "LIGHTWEIGHT" while doing so.
"hey broly I just crunked that capt. of crunk #5 11ty billion times reverse grip. For warm up I hub crunk the 100lb plate"
by IBgrouch July 23, 2005
Similar to 'fuck' in its universal nature.

The past-tense to the word 'crank'

Interchangable with 'cranked'

It means to have 'done' something
"I crunk this chick", or;

"I crunk a brew", or;

"I just crunk a chick and a brew at the same time"
by Prince of Mel-Burn October 13, 2004
To take a crap when you're drunk
I'm going to slide upstairs and crunk in Mikey's closet
by slipshod February 12, 2013
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