Becoming extremely Cuban Drunk.

What is there to do at Cuban parties?
Does Castro allow getting crunk?
I'm sure Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball got crunk ALL the time.
by I am your brother. February 23, 2010
A drunk cripple.
Dude, Dr. House is a serious crunk.
by Vajayshake November 23, 2009
Being under the influence of both cannabis (not necessarily chronic) and ethanol. The letter D in drunk is replaced with C from the term Cannabis (more commonly known as marijuana in the USA).
by YAAAAAN May 07, 2009
A word that probably will never lose it's place in this world, considering how many white people use it.
Yo dogg, I am getting very CRUNK in this club. I also am not black
by Pejovic September 14, 2008
Getting highly intoxicated and smoking chronic.
C=chronic runk=drunk
"Hey did you go to that party last night?"
"Yeah man everyone was getting crunk"
by The best! ever. August 23, 2008
To be high from smoking marijuana, while being drunk at the same time.
I'm crunk as I'm bloody writing this stuff xD
by SkateFiend July 29, 2008
Crunk as in past tense of crank. It is used to decribe the energy or liveliness of a party or event.
The DJ had the club crunk last night.
by fucdafame August 07, 2007

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