Noun: This word originally coined by Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name "Dr. Seuss", in the book, "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!" Is a car that somewhat resembles a Star Wars AT-AT walker that is most likely powered by steam or possibly coal.
You can go in a Crunk-Car if you wish.
by Mr. Bation August 18, 2011
a special blend of charisma and spunk
(as used in the off-broadway musical "Altar Boyz"
Girl, you've got crunk!
by SAY Girl October 23, 2008
An adjective/verb borne from the southern states. There are several theories as to how the word came to be, most of which suggest that the words Crazy & Drunk were combined to form "Crunk". However, it is highly unlikely that the poorly educated individual who first used this word put that much thought into it. It is just some idiot's belief of how the past tense of "crank" should be pronounced. For instance, an educated person might say: "I just cranked the engine.", whereas someone of lower intelligence might say: "My CAH be crunk now".

The meaning of the word "crunk" is what one might expect. Much like the engine example made above, the word means that something is running well, or an event is happening in some great fashion. Or even the literal interpretation that something has been cranked.

Essentially, the people that use this word most often have an inferior understanding of proper grammar, and it would be foolish to try and categorize "crunk" as adjective, verb, or other as it is just butchered American-English.....It is retard-speak made popular, similar to using "choppa" interchangeably with "automatic gun".
I steel cahs cuz I dunt want no job, I wunt 2 get it crunk erreday
by DaZooKeepa May 15, 2011
Where I live, to be crunk means to have an aggressive attitude and be looking for a fight. It's not a played expression, it has simply evolved, as so many slang words do.
I tried to mind my own business but he be all crunk and tried to start some shit.
by esmerose April 30, 2009
Sometimes used as a lie when you call someone a cunt but want to swiftly cover it up.
"You cunt!"

"WHAT did you say?"


"And what does THAT mean?"

"It's a type of... Cake"
by Greenwich June 04, 2014
The genre of music that single-handedly killed hip-hop. With its annoying high pitched synths and snapping sounds, it took unoriginality in hip hop to a whole new level. Most crunk lyrics are repetitive and stupid, and considering how bad this genre was, its popularity died out very soon.
If you fall up in the club
And them niggas wanna mug
When you step up to they face
What they gon' do (Shit!!!)

If you fall up in the club
And them hoes start acting up
When you step up to them hoes
What they gon' do (Shit!!!)

What they gon' do (Shit!!!) 8X
-Lil Jon

Those lyrics were either written by a 5 year old, or Lil Jon wrote them on his way to the studio while his blood-alcohol content was 0.85. No knowledge as to how he survived that. Maybe that's what happens when you "get crunk" all the time.
by RLHipHop September 13, 2013
being hyped beyond belief; to become excited
LaFayette Underground gets "crunk" about trying to find dirt on the 16-20 year old demographic living in LaFayette, Georgia.
by Citizen of LaFayette February 26, 2011

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