the word crunk DOES NOT refer to how intoxicated a person is, nor does it refer to the devices used to become intoxicated.

simply put, crunk means cranked up, or already cranked up. it is the past tense of crank up. suppose you are hosting a party at your house. then at some point, you decide to crank it up. then it is crunk.

think of it this way:
if you do something, then it's done.
if you find something, then it's found.
if you sink something, then it's sunk.
and if you crank something, then it's crunk.

i know you don't believe me. please just go to youtube, search "lil jon chelsea lately", and watch the interview.
human being 1: "dude, crank it up!"

human being 2: "dude, it's crunk!"
by the charlie bucket December 27, 2011
crunk (adj) to have a good time while engaging in high volume and often wild activity.
believed by most to be a combination of chronic and drunk but its origins cannot be confirmed. today it is used in a more innocent light simply referring to having a "boisterous good time" can easily be used as a rallying call to get a party or crowd hyped up.
bucktown tiger: this new song gets me crunk every time i hear it!

shopwrecker1: /me furpiles on bucktown

shopwrecker2: /me turns up the volume of the crunk new song before jumping in.
by cepheus wolfshepherd May 02, 2010
Contrary to what the rest of you jackasses say about crunk being a mixture of crazy and drunk or chronic and drunk or what the fuck ever else you think. Crunk is southern slang for the passed tense of Crank. I.E. "I went to crank up the mower and it crunk right up." It was adopted into street slang by Southern rappers and DJ's wanting to "Crank up the club".

I know this. I'm from the dirty so ya'll can stop makin ish up now.
"Let's get dis club Crunk Up!" or "Was good big homie? Was da club poppin last night?" "Hells yeah dawg! Dat shit was Crunk!" or otherwise "Cranked Up.
by Sir Sauce December 05, 2011
the ghetto version of the past tense of crank; cranked up or crunk

Lil' John once said this was the definition himself
Get crunk with it, get loose with it.
by Jfef January 27, 2008
Noun: This word originally coined by Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known by his pen name "Dr. Seuss", in the book, "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!" Is a car that somewhat resembles a Star Wars AT-AT walker that is most likely powered by steam or possibly coal.
You can go in a Crunk-Car if you wish.
by Mr. Bation August 18, 2011
A "cracker" way to say the word crunk. One who says this usually does not fit in and often sounds like a dork.
Golly gee wiz guys, this rapper of African-American descent is sure crünk!
by Sahara April 03, 2005
hyped, turned up, excited

Crunk originated in Houston, TX in the early 1990's.
This new bred mixtape is crunk.
by @kingbrilliance February 27, 2014

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