high and drunk at the same time
Lara got hella crunk on Saturday night.
by Debbbbbbb November 12, 2006
to be high and drunk at the same time{chronic/drunk}
i just smoked a bowlll an drank some vod.. im so CRUNK
by kittyfaceee November 06, 2006
being very drunk and high at the same time
dude that gay drank like 6 tequila shots and smoked 2 bowls and now he's fuckin crunk

i was crunked after i smoked when i was already wasted
by alexxx1 November 14, 2006
Anyone who was of age in Atlanta in the mid-90s when this term came around knows it does not necessarily mean drunk. All yall non-southerners just heard the word and got the whole meaning twisted. Crunk comes from 'crank it up! now is crunk! crank it up! Now its crunk!' I was there so you don't know. And it just means to get all the way wild, shake your dreads: to be so unreasonably proud of where your from that you act like a maniac, you're just so excited and you don't know why. Like when you're in your car listening to Sammy Sam the hitman or Raheem the Dream. Or when you're at the club and you just go a lil loose and you're not even thanking about posturing for the opposite sex you just wanna unravel yourself and put the whole thang back together tomorrow.
your boy was so crunk the lady next door called 911.
by Drew Drew Drew September 21, 2007
The term originated in the early to mid 1990s in Memphis Tennessee.
Many will tell you it is a combination of crazy and drunk, combining to form "crunk". That is false.
It is more or less a derivative of crank that was bastardized by youth.
The best way to relate it is to compare it to a wind up toy. You crank it repeatedly, if you crank it too much you passed the point of "crank" and have moved on to "crunk". It is a level that was not intended by design and the potential energy contained now is off the charts. When unleashed there is an unstoppable wave that is almost beyond comprehension or measurement.
If you are "crunk" you are basically a juggernaut of energy and nothing will stop you and you won't care what happens until such point that you decide to stop.
Manne we was crunk as hell in the club manne!
by Crunk Panda November 17, 2007
Being really really drunk and really really high on weed.
I'm so crunk right now i can hardly see...
I drank so many beers and smoked the fatest blunt, I'm so Crunk...
by Colton_M December 09, 2006
To get wild. To get buck. To get hype.

-To get crunk.

People think it means "crazy and drunk".. this is not true. Lil' Jon's style of music is called "crunk music". It is called this because it is loud, uptempo rap music. It makes you want to move and get buck and get hype. It pumps you up. It gets you crunk.
It's 'bout to get crunk up in this bitch.
by BMD0000005 December 13, 2008

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