A new piece of flash equipment, like a car's wheels, or dubs...something shiny instead of using the word "bling"
"yo son, that new black chrome shaft on your lob wedge is crunk!"
by jason February 11, 2005
a mixture of the words "crazy" and "drunk".
it may also refer to a style of music. the word was popularized greatly by rapper lil' john.
that bitch is gon' get crunkkk tonight!
by Cyorkkk April 29, 2009
Traditionally inserted by a scream of the band accompaniment of the Fairfield(OH) High School Choraliers in their show choir performances. Meant to excite the audience of performances with their song and dance. Has nothing to do with drinking and illicit drugs.
Let's get crunk!
by manfriend53 July 31, 2008
a combination of "crap" and "junk"
Clean up that crunk and go home.
by Krankhite November 09, 2007
Wasted; Plastered beyond memory or health. Acting crazy and out of control.
"What happened last night? I got totally crunk and I can't remember."
by Zuke June 16, 2006
1) State of Being crazy drunk due to alcohol
2) Genre of Music from Atlanta, Georgia see Lil Jon
3) Overused substitute for cool
1) Man I got so crunk at that party I drank too much vodka
2) I love Crunk, Lil Jon is fuckin awesome, REPPIN' THE ATL
3) Oh my god Sally that outfit is sooooo crunk
by jersey kid November 21, 2007
Tyler and Nigel

Synonyms: NONE
Antonyms: Abramo, Janda, Manion
Tyler and Nigel are crunk, unlike all other people that exist.
by Lizzle and Gizzle April 09, 2005
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