University of Alabama staff member. people/faculty/crunk.html

"Hello, my name is Dr. Crunk"
by Happy March 27, 2005
Smoke some high chronic and then get drunk:
Bun and drink; have time to think,
Drink and bun; have no fun.
^ That doesn't work.
Person 1: Wanna get high today?
Person 2: Wanna get drunk today?
Person 3: Fuck it, let's get crunk!
by Ganja_Highguy May 17, 2011
Getting drunk while crafting. Indie handmade crafts are ideal while crunking.
I don't remember how I made that belt out of bicycle tire tubes and bottle caps; I was totally crunk that night.
by hypercraft April 28, 2011
To be high and drunk at the same time.

The C- is for Chronic, and the -runk is for drunk.
It is incredibly awesome.

It was popularized by Lil Jon.
There is also a song by brokenCYDE called Get Crunk.
I was Crunk last night!! It was awsome!
by cj2cutie February 18, 2011
One definition of crunk, is when someone mixes rap/hip hop and screamo..
Yeah i heard it, crunk's crunk
by alexandra Dead on the outside January 01, 2011
being high and completly wasted and the same time
bill: hey dude i still cant believe you did that last night

tom: did what? i cant remember anything because i was crunk
by undeadsoldier July 30, 2010
noun = snot, crow, nose jam, but of the dried variety that needs to be chiselled out
jeezus, have your nostrils healed over?

no, just lots of crunks that I can't be arsed to clear
by norednecksneeded March 31, 2010
to be crazy and drunk at the same time
"If only there were a way to get crunk faster."
by TyphoonCrazy May 15, 2009

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