One who wears excessive amounts of black, Tripp pants with chains and straps, Slipknot paraphernalia, and is usually also considered gothic.
"Did you see that crunchy walk out of Hot Topic with all that Slipknot stuff?"
by Matthew Santos January 15, 2007
1: Something that is defined with the sound "crunch"
2: One's underwear after one week of not washing yet not wearing
3: Sweaty socks that have set out for far to long and are stiff
4: The sound of a human head collapsing in
"After several weeks of not wearing them my socks felt quite crunchy as I slipped them on."
by J Tanner Ivy March 10, 2005
adjective - mildy repulsive; of poor quality; to show negative feelings towards. (Antonym - Crispy)
Mate, there's a well crunchy smell in my room; Does this milk look a bit crunchy to you?; That band was crunchy mate; those cupcakes are a bit crunchy.
by Chri and Ste December 02, 2007
a verb describing someoen who is mad
stop being so crunchy bitch
by *<] : ) August 21, 2004
when a guy's so hot/hard for a girl, he's crunchy.
ME: dayyyumm, emdog, that guy over there's crunchy for ya
EMDOG: pssh, well it's my birthday, so i might just take a bite outta him
by cclishzz June 19, 2008
One who is brunette but blonde on the inside.
She says the stupidest things, she is such ac crunchy.
by Maz December 13, 2004
Feeling stupid; Crunch
Don't you feel Crunchy,
Crunch when someone does something stupid
by Taylor August 22, 2003

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