The act of wrapping your legs around a womans breast area, with your ass to her face. Then, shitting and letting her lick it up, while she pisses in your mouth
'I did the Crunchwrap Supreme last night. It was totally AWESOME. Her piss was awesome!!!'
by CheeseKeeper October 23, 2011
Top Definition
Ejaculating in your wife, girl friend or bar whores under wear, folding them up, and placing them neatly back into her pantie drawer for a mid-week surprise.
Bro!, that hottie from the bar last night was a freak! I totally left her a crunch wrap supreme! She's gonna hate me by Wednesday!
by Rusty Gaggle-Butt June 25, 2010
tasty mexican thing found at taco bell
Dude 1: ill have a crunch wrap supreme.
Jose: $5.95 at first windo
by crazymothafuckajones July 10, 2008
jerking off into a womans panties then folding it up and placing it back in her underwear drawer
that chick left me with blue balls so while she was in the bathroom i gave her the old crunchwrap supreme
by sgt mo January 07, 2009
Your late night booty call brings you some taco bell to eat before you do her. To tell your friends though you have to have a pic of her holding the Taco Bell bag
I crunchwrap supremed the's the pic.
by Poncho Billy July 08, 2006
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