a crump is when you have a bubbly fart.
makes steffy start her period late!
i crump in aimees bed.
by SteffyDropDead March 22, 2008
Circular savoury bread snack 7.5 metres in diameter. As they are too large to fit in most toasters or be eaten in one sitting, the scaled down 'crumpet' is far more popular today.
Since the divorce Christmas dinner has meant munching 2 buttered crumpets in solitude. I miss the years that me and the family would share a full sized crump.
by Sgidgwintinliser September 20, 2009
The arch rival of "verm"

..........they go way back
Verm insulted crump again in class today, but crump isn't witty enough to have a good come-back.
by nitrosmack October 08, 2004
An extremely difficult form of dancing which requires much skill. It was pioneered by a small group of people in west allis. They formed two teams and still frequently have battles to this day. Team one consists of Morgan, Courtney, and Tori. Team two consits of Nick, Joel, and Terry. They have often been seen wearing tye-dyed crump or die t-shirts.
Damnnnn, look at them crump. I wish I was as fly as them!
by Nick from team two May 21, 2006
the safe version of mosh
i like crumping cause its safe and gay
by cheeses August 15, 2008
It is a type of dance, with extremely fast and complicated moves that seem to have no pattern or repition and it is supposed to make you laugh and make you say, "wow". Usually, you are standing around in a group and only one person crumps at a time while everyone watches and laughs.
Check out Jay over there crumping. Do you know how to crump? I can't move that fast. He is so friggin funny.
by ms. w January 07, 2006
Combine a crap and a dump. It's basically the biggest kind of poop you can take. It was first said by a hispanic male who had too many burritos and a little too much salsa.
I haven't gone to the bathroom for DAYS! I gotta take a crump!
by Valor January 08, 2005

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