A person who is exceedingly annoying and probably the world's worst person. DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH CRUMBLY PEOPLE.
Man, that tall Asian girl who hangs out in room W719 and bakes things, and uses that one cabinet next to the cups is awful crumbly. I hate that bitch. Worst person ever.
Top Definition
Another word to call old people. Crumblies is the funniest word to ever call old people.
Me: "Whoa! Look at those crumblies!"
Crumblies: "why we outta catch you and kik ur arse!"
by CoCoNutBongoMan November 02, 2005
An old person or elderly.
That crumbly smells like oatmeal, butterscotch and cat pee.
by eringibby January 10, 2010
Left-overs of weed when you have no nugz (nuggets) left. Often found by searching your usual smoke spot for scraps and other left-overs of marijuana.
Dude! We're out of dank! Lets search the car for some crumblies, quick!
by Steve Burg April 11, 2006
The bottom portion of a platter from Long John Silver's. The best and most Yarr-Gasmic Portion of the meal
"Yarr! those Crumblies just gave me a Yarr-Gasmin!!"
by Dantesting November 05, 2008
Multiple clusters of crumbs often resulting from a single messy source.
The brown sugar topping my co-workers coffee cake is leaving a trail of crumblies back to my cube.
by ReRuCo September 25, 2009
Whenever you don't know the answer to something, or just want to confuse someone use this word. It is the adult equivalent to the word, 'smurf'
We were at the park and there were a lot of crumbly people there - or - what's wrong? You look crumbly!
by Med Five-0 January 15, 2012
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