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Where two people consentually have sex on a beach. Usually favouring the missionary position (however using one's imagination, many more are feasible), the man pulls out, dips his erect penis into the sand, and re-inserts his now 'crumbed sausage' into the vagina of his partner, or casual fuck buddy. Beware of chafing.
A: So I was on the beach with Jill and gave her ye olde crumbed sausage
B: ....
A: yeah I know, rad aye!
B: teh_chafes :(
by teh_sausage October 26, 2009
to have sex on the beach or in any type of sandy place.
Z and H were walking along the beach when Z asked H if she wanted to have his crumbed sausage.

by burnty December 08, 2006
My new Pro Skate Downhill Board
Oh, my new Crumbed Sausage slides so well you guys...
by Crumb Skate May 01, 2011

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