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someone of a fat overweight chubby or obese nature who leaves no leftovers or crumbs behind. Someone who eats everything and anything like how a dumpster takes in anything and everything. In other words, a fatass.
Look at that guy at the buffet, what a crumb dumpster.

I was trying to be romantic and feed my date a cookie when the crumb dumpster almost took my hand off.

We couldn't get on the roller coaster because a crumb dumpster was taking up two seats.

I wish I had some leg room; this crumb dumpster is spilling over into my seat.

Can you please seat us somewhere else? These crumb dumpsters are so loud I can't hear myself think.
by NastyNally April 04, 2011
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Derived from the common derogatory phrase "Cum Dumpster" to be applied toward anyone or anything that ravenously picks up or eats crumbs that have been dropped from already eaten foodstuffs.
"Jesus your dog is a fucking crumb dumpster!"

"Yeah? Well maybe you can get the food in your mouth for a change?!"
by gcmft August 21, 2008
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