doing nothing, chilling, chillin, relaxing. In Hawaii, to convey the idea of driving in a car, one would say "going for a cruise."
Friend 1: hey, whachyu doin?
Friend 2: nothin, just cruising.
by hmbarton1 September 18, 2006
A word in New Zealand only, meaning... the measuring of the merchantable amount of timber in a standing podocarp forest. Done using a tape measure at about chest height. The book "Timber Cruising" relates the times of men from the 1920-1950s. They lived in tents, walked many miles, worked in all weather.
I saw this ad in the paper and went cruising for three years. It was hard but better than nothing
by mangovega April 27, 2010
the best thing to do when you are bored
u just drive round the streets all night wiv ya m8s wiv ya music up full blast
me and ma possy r goin cruisin 2 nite
by gob shite May 21, 2005
when young ethnic groups of males who have cars and live in Australia pick up Aussie girls who are barely of legal age, drive them around the city for a bit, take them to a park and then have sex with them, either as just a regular twosome or the the whole crew sleeping with one chick.

This girl of course who goes 'cruising' then of course, eventually gets named as a slut and will get picked up by any ethnic male with a car, no matter how ugly she is, because they know she is an easy fuck.

The girl also tends to forget who previous lifestyle and ends up spending most nights of the week with various ethnics.

The girl is also a bit of an air head generally, not just because she has no self respect, but because she often pays for petrol, alcohol and all the other goods used during 'cruising'.
Example 1 -

Girl 1#: "so you ditched me last night, that's not like you. what did you do?"

Girl 2#: "I went cruising with the hottest guy last night.. we fucked in the back of his car.. It was magical"

Example 2 -

Ethnic Guy 1#: "Have you heard about that new chick? I did her last week when we went for a cruise, man she was easy."

Ethnic Guy 2#: "Aw yer I did her last night. Meh, she's just an easy root, I don't get her details."

by smartdevil69 January 09, 2009
what bulimics do in grocery stores, selecting food on which to binge& purge, done with an unnatural swiftness and predelection towards soft foods. often a precursor to gastric rupture.
Kylie was stocking up on ice cream and bread at 2 a.m.- ya know, cruising!
by bloodfeastislandman February 05, 2007
when two men masturbate in opposite directions simultaneously while on two different levels of a bunk bed simulating the motion of a boat
yo! my brother was cruising in his room last night with one of his buddies
by Mohahamed January 18, 2008

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