Someone that trys to invite themselves into a group before they are welcome. Has similar characteristics as a duche bag or tool.
How did you and demetri become friends? I think he really was a cruiser and worked his way into the circle.
by t-bag55 October 05, 2009
Someone who goes to school everyday and doesn't care about his appearance or usually the manner in which he is wearing clothes. This is similiar to redneck however a cruiser diverges in the fact that cruisers worry somewhat about hygiene. There a three specific types of cruisers.

The Bro Cruiser: Usually donning a sideways baseball cap of his favorite sports team and wearing gym shorts or sweat pants just above his knees. Also a lanyard is neccessary to have around one's neck. These cruisers typically chase women but to no avail, however if asked they will declare they are the most studily people alive. Also a very large truck is necessary as well.

The A Student cruiser: differing only slightly from Bro cruiser. The A student cruiser typically wears old stained sweat pants with collared shirts. Or Gym shirts and an Old Navy collared shirt. They typically can be found sitting in physics playing calculator games and then when its time for discussing they speak almost without thinking saying whatever could sound smart. Though these kids are smart they just don't care.

The Musician cruiser: these cruisers spend hours studying dead musicans from any time period past the 90s. Typically they shop at Savers and try to find vintage clothing that seems to fit in but really just doesn't. They will wear old band Ts with blazers and women's pants and flowery button ups. Aviators are a must for these cruisers.
"Yeah man Brad is such a cruise. Look at him with his sagging sweats and uber tight t-shirt."

"Karl, you are the biggest cruiser ever you are wearing a button-up flanel shirt with flowery cuttings up the side. What were you thinking this morning?"

"Ok, you are wearing aviators and blazer around a school. What are you doing with your life?"
by les_is_more February 25, 2005
Cruiser, someone who enjoys there kitchen
Cruiser looks and prefares to cook like jamie oliver
by guestop March 25, 2006
1. a pimp
2. a man who goes and picks up chicks
3. so hot he or she cannot be touched
by Bisbane April 28, 2003

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