a gay warhead
look at that bent bastard cruising around Baghdad
by www.fulep.com April 19, 2004
Top Definition
An american weapon system smarter than the american president
by Ray September 20, 2003
A "cruise missile is a fat joint, blunt, spliff, hogleg. A very potent strain of marijuana has been named after the insane actor. If you smoke a cruise missle you will get stupid high just like Tom.
I was laughing like a manic after we smoked a cruise missile.
by DanTX April 08, 2008
1. After foreplay but before sex a man stands on the end of the bed whilst the woman lies on the bed, usually underneath him. The man then lets a cry, usually CRUISE MISSILE or KAMIKAZE and then jumps onto the woman aiming to conduct sexual intercourse at a heightened velocity.

2. A type of weapon employed by armed forces to take out enemy instillations at a long to medium range.
1. Man 1: Hey man I totally cruise missiled my girlfriend last night.

Man 2: Is that why you're walking funny today and you have a black eye?

Man 1: Totally worth it.

2. General: Privates this is a cruise missile. You will be working with this for most of your army career.

Private: Hey that reminds me, I'm seeing my girlfriend tonight.
by Jenno18 July 28, 2010
a badly programmed ballistic weapon used to indiscriminantly target innocent civilians under the impression of high-tech, high-precision warfare.
"That cruise missile just hit Bulgaria"
by brit March 26, 2003
As above. Could well come from the same drawing board as some other cute and cuddly incendiary devices from the good ole USA - namely, Napalm, A Bombs and Ford Pintoes.
"cruise missiles - programmed to dessimate innocent iraqi citiz....uhhm urr....military targets!"
by Schteve April 01, 2003
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