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When you screw something up so horribly that it is completely irreversible and unforgiveable. Also puts a damper on your day, week, month, year, and even your life.
Girl Roommate: "You hooked the jumper cables up wrong and now my car is completely dead!"

Guy Roommate: "Yeah, you really crowthered that one!"
by bobbyseverorsam July 27, 2009
To Perform a Story Meant for Laughs, But incidently falls flat on its face on normal conversation.
Man 1: Ive got a cold
Man 2: oh man you just did a fucking crowther.
Man 1: Oh, My bad,
by foshohomes April 28, 2008
Another word for a paedophile or person who dates young looking girls. Generally assumed to have a beard and wear a hood
Oh my God did you see that girl he was with he is such a Crowther
Stop Crowthering those girls
by Mr Magic March 30, 2012
a duck's foot.
look at that crowther, it's covered in poo.
by JaY January 25, 2003