To "crown one out" is to perform oral sex on a person(s) of the opposite sex. Usually done in a bathroom or some sort of small area or room. The word originated from the Asain culture as far back as 2014.
*two partners go into the bathroom*
Man: "Hey you tryna crown one out?"
Woman: "What's that even mean? It's New Years I only got with you just to get with someone on New Years."
by SeniorSwagPants October 08, 2014
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casino in melbourne, australia known for its high level of asian visitors and non-asian gaming facilities. possibly bricket related.
i got stabbed at crown playing the loosest craps in town
by JDT May 18, 2003
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He is the best dominican counter-strike player who is the leader of a clan called flawless execution he never gives up on that clan he is very loyal to it thats why he is everyones favoirte mexican.
when ever thinks of a dominican cs player they automaticlly think of crown
by crown the dominican cs god December 30, 2004
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Crown can also refer to the incredibly well built motorcoach from LA,Ca. USA. In California they are popular, easily recognised by their twinkie shape. Unfortunantly they are slowly being turned into history with the controversial emissions rules in the state and they are destroying the safest schoolbus on the road.

To be a 'crown driver' in California is like the elite of the school bus drivers.
"Are you a Crown driver dude?"
by Wobbuffet Breeder June 22, 2003
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