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the act of gaining momentum by running, jumping in the air, leading with one foot in front of the other and landing with a punch on someone's jaw so great that makes the earth tilt off of it's axis. Also used in baseball when outfielders make a strong throw to an infielder.
The bitch was acting dumb so I had to crowhop on her face.
by kenny is a badass April 28, 2006
to hop step and pouch a person in the club
he was talkin noise so I crow hopped that chump.
by DJ Leake March 10, 2005
Engage in one last grudge fuck, just prior to breaking up with your bitch. Immediately following your nut bust you stand up, and hop on one foot and throw your fist down and say "You are outta here" as if being an umpire at the big game.
Bill what did you and Suzy do last night. I hit it one last time and then I crow hopped her ass out the room.
by macstever November 04, 2004
a dumb indian dance that involves lots of yelling and jumping around in a drunken state
cmon franklin bornwitatoot, lets go show them a crowhop.
by Anonymous February 18, 2003

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