As above to talk about excessively, but also something of Voodoo origin. Old Hiatian meaning the dark side.

From a crows supposed links with the devil.

As with many other English words used it became doubled to crowcrow to add extra meaning and to reiterate the sound.

crowcrow is also used to refer to an person who is mysterious / dark, such as a stranger who enters a villiage
Don't come near me with your crowcrow magic

He was not trusted as he was crowcrow, and before long he was force out of town
by A-mass April 30, 2005
Top Definition
to go on and on about something. talk about a particular subject too much.

Also a tee shirt company
God i know liam likes paragliding but no need to crowcrow about it. tee's are bum, but stop crowcrowing about it
by crowcrow April 29, 2005
A booger in your nose; snot.
My nose is full of crows! Pass me a tissue so I can blow these crowcrows out of my nose.
by A to the L to the E to the X April 10, 2006
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