A crotch stain is a stain usually on your under wear. If you have a really bad crotch stain than it will protrude onto ur pants. Crocth stains can consist of: pee, poop,blood,seamen, or all of the above. Doctors estimate you will get at least two a year.
* in a business offfice*
"Uh carl come here"
"Yeah joel?"
"You have a crotch stain."
"oh my god no way"
"im not lieing look for urself"
"thanks joel"
"no problem i had one last week"
carl ties a sweater around his waist till lunch break when he can change his pants.
by A wise woman January 29, 2007
Top Definition
A stain of the general area of the crotch.
"hey Nick you have a crotch stain"
"Thanks Raftis I know. Thanks for noticing tho."
by N. Raftis December 10, 2007
a god damn nut stain on your pants
HAHAHAHA! said joe when he noticed his grandpop had a critchstain ( that old bag)
by zack March 24, 2003
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