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noun (plural), colloquialism: crab lice, pubic lice
"I'd stay away from that chick, bro. I hear she's got crotch pheasants."
by CaptainZlogg July 24, 2009
A person who incessantly stares at another's crotch, or seems generally obsessed with crotch.
"Stop staring at my crotch you A-grade crotch pheasant!"
by Taffeta November 23, 2005
A man or a woman who can't lay off the cock.
"Slow down Regima! Don't be such a fucking crotch-pheasant!"
by Emotions December 15, 2003
An annoying drunk douche bag at the bar who repeatedly stalks, irritates, and unsuccessfully tries to hit on or make small talk with women with the intent to hopefully get laid
Hey beautiful, what's your name?

Beat it crotch pheasant!
Damn Jenny, that crotch pheasant was trying to get at my bird seed. Do I look like a bird feeder or what?
by Bee's Knees! June 30, 2010
A man with an overwhelming, or tickling, beard and mustache that engages in oral sex and subsequently tickles his partner.
Cathy: John went down on me and it tickled.
Julie: That's because he's got that beard. He is such a crotchpheasant.
by sillyfaggot August 12, 2005
In between getting garbage dick after entering a cock garage. The intermission so to speak.Crotch pheasants are similar to the coccon before the butterfly emerges.
I cant believe that skank cock garage gave me crotch pheasants. It only kind of burns when I pee I hope I dont have garabage dick.
by Mr. Falice12 October 20, 2008
a bird-like creature that is VERY territorial and attacks your crotch when approached
"SHIT! that pheasant took my crotch clean off!" the Crotch pheasant strikes again....
by DP9000 April 16, 2008

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