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This term refers to a baby-sized penis which is located on the crotch of a full-grown man.

Most of the major military conflicts in recorded history can probably be blamed on the occurrence of the crotch nipple. There are many crotch nipples in the world, and they are all due to mindless cruelty on the part of God, who does not actually exist.

This term was first coined by hecKtor Dangus in 1991 upon his first viewing of a videotaped performance by GG Allin, for reasons which are readily apparent to anyone who has ever seen GG in the nude.
Confucius say, "man with crotch nipple much more likely to join Marines".

If a man with a crotch nipple were to play his cards right at the dyke bar, he might get lucky with a lipstick lesbian who has a penchant for large clitori.
by hecktor dangus July 14, 2010
Another phrase for a woman's clitoris
Julian: Hey Bridie, mind if I suck on your crotch nipple?
by Jb1991 July 04, 2013
A position made by a male to describe a woman riding a penis. Said woman is soon to reach orgasm and feels she must spread her vajayjay lips with her fingers and fondle her tits. This woman is in the reverse cowgirl position.
Oh my god dude, after i cootershitzled Jamey last night she went again and crotchnippled the entire time.
by Dext March 22, 2008
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