A hungry midget that lives in your buttcrack. He eats your pants, which causes murphs and wedgies.
Ivan, the crotch monster's eating your shorts.
by wysiwyg May 15, 2004
Top Definition
A child. Usually someone elses child, although it can also be used as a future child you don't want to ever have.
"im going to shove that happy meal down your little crotch monster's throat if he throws another mcnugget at me!!!"

"nah homey, shes on the pill. don't need a little crotch monster anytime soon.
by gravityXaddict July 17, 2008
When the sweat works with your underwear to make your asshole a flamethrower. There is a subsequent walk associated with crotch monster akin to a baby with a full shit diaper.
I got a bad case of crotch monster at Six Flags yesterday.
by 7 Lady Godivas October 17, 2015

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