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A child. Also known as crotch spawn, or runny nosed shrieking brat. Essentially, a baby or small child that is a whining little hell demon. Elementary schools and daycare centers abound with crotch goblins.
"Someone shut that screeching crotch goblin up!"
by Juke Joint Jezebel September 28, 2005
56 20
A goblin that lives in your crotch, and only comes out at night while you are sleeping. It usually looks for titty residue to eat.
Holy snap!! That crotch goblin is eating the leftovers of my underwear.
by Ener January 17, 2007
82 25
Any strange or foreign object that appears in underwear that should not be there. Example: discharge, shit stains, pubic hairs, stains, scabs, flies, cottage cheese, or crabs
When ever i take a chicks panties off, i check for crotch goblins
by crotch checker March 14, 2005
46 20
(n) 1. A perverted or otherwise solely sex-driven partner
"That guy is only interested in sex."
"Ugh. What a crotch goblin."
by Mk. 42 December 20, 2013
0 1
One who feeds on the groin while growling and snoring.
I was attacked at a party by a crotch goblin.
by DeVirginator February 09, 2003
11 16
Generic term of disrespect, most often used when someone has made a big mistake or been a total jerk.
Jesus, I can't believe Steve botched the Henderson account! What a total crotch goblin!
by J to the Action August 13, 2003
7 13
This is a common slong term for an STD
man i got a wicked crotch goblin from this nasty skank
by Jim Bob November 04, 2004
6 13