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Something you do to a small hole, most often someones ass, a clogging action. As in to fill the provided space with a substance.
That gay dude got Peter really drunk and then crotted his bum, the poor kid hasn't been the same since.
by Cameron1 December 07, 2007
6 8
English public school word for poo, includes soft crot for diarrhoea. Probably based on crotels, an old word for hare droppings.
'Mornin' Bunter, just been to the matron with a touch of the soft crot'
by David from Kingsbury November 03, 2003
23 11
Indonesian term for the sound of a person ejaculating.
Please crottttt; I want to hear you crot!
by BadlyDrawnBoy December 01, 2012
6 0
cunt rot: when one is so annoying, up them selves, and a pain in the arse, so much so that when you look at them you think of a rotting cunt.
my manager is a real crot.
by esquirethe one April 23, 2007
19 14