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Small tablets of amphetamine. Often sold in little bags of one hundred. Made with two crossed grooves pressed into the top of the tablet. Sometimes called 'beans'.
"I'm going to score some cross tops for the concert when I get paid."
by Eric Peterson July 23, 2005

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speed in pill form.
monkeys ate my crosstops and now they are cleaning house.
by blankfrank March 17, 2009
some made up word from the Green Day song Brain Stew... what IS a crosstop anyway?
no time for crosstops in my mind...
by dingdongdame September 06, 2006
Referring to the "x" in the end of the nipple on a baby bottle.
"No rest for crosstops in my mind" in the Green Day song.
by nasarb March 30, 2010
A penis where the urinary opening is a cross.
"No rest for crosstops in my mind"
-Green Day
by GreenDay2you2 February 08, 2008