Cross Country is the hardest sport that anyone can participate in. To run a 5 k is like a short practice for us when everyone in america is fat as shit we runners know we r the coolest ppl around. Think about it wen u run a race u hav to balls right if cross country was easy they would call it football 3rd at states my friends 3rd at states
cross Country Kixs Ass Long live Pedro
by Blue Devil November 12, 2004
the best sport, better than any other sport. other people are just jealous that cross country runners have mad skills.
crosscountry kicks ass!
by intellectualpwer April 07, 2005
The most difficult sport. Cross country requires both skill and a work ethic. People who don't like cross country are just mad because they can't do it.
If somebody calls you a cross country geek, it means they can't run worth shit.
by BBQ June 20, 2006
A true sport. All other athletes are just players.
Cross-country runners have true balls. All others just play with them.
Hey Tony how do you feel today after cross country practice?
Great coach, despite that 10-mile practice.
by Tony H. September 25, 2006
The best and most difficult sport ever. It involves running thru grass, mud, and dirt for miles. You have to be really athletic to be good at it.
When I got my varsity letter in cross country freshman year, my freinds told me it didn't count because I didn't letter in a "real" sport. WHATEVER.
by zyx June 17, 2006
See: Steve Prefontaine god of all things Running. Sport Idolized by one Coach, Roth of Jesuit high school.
Yeah, Lets go run a 5k everyday because we love cross country.
by Nas Choka August 29, 2004
Cross Country is, in my opinion, the BEST sport in the whole world! I'm not gonna be some arogant fool going around making fun of other sports cause I know how it feels. I know football takes a lot of hard work and practice. Wrestling, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball, Basketball. Most sports do. I'm not here to make fun of them because thats not how i roll. But seriously, To all those ignorant fools out there, Cross Country is in fact a SPORT. So all we do is run... so what! we don't need to have a ball or plays or anything else. Cross country is extremely physical, and mental as well. We train for miles and hours. The races aren't just a bunch of crazy kids running, it's all about planning ahead, pacing, and mentally defeating the other runners. It takes so much hard work. And track as well.. It's not the same at all, but it's still hard. I'm not gonna make fun of the sprinters cause they do like 1/50th of the distance we run. Thats okay, it's hard work. We do it, not for fame (cause its not all that popular)but to see how much we can push ourselves. To the limit.

But seriously, everyone out there who's hating on xc, you need to get over yourself. and btw, Cross country runners are not gay because they wear short shorts. What does that have to do with it. If xc runners are gay, then i guess wrestlers are too cause they wear those tight uniforms. Whatever, I'm just here to say that xc is tight and thats that.
Cross Country practice today killed me, but I felt so happy the other day when i hecka pr'd!
by xc_runner August 08, 2007
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